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Service of Process

Summons and complaint, subpoena, order to show cause, citation, writ, non-payment and eviction notices, motions, etc., in all types of legal actions including landlord & tenant, foreclosure, collection, personal injury, surrogate court, matrimonial, contract, etc., usually by personal delivery to the entity to whom the documents are directed, or by any other legal means.  Our licensed New York City process servers can handle all your service needs.

Court Filing

In order to initiate legal action, court filing is the act of submitting a document to the clerk of a court for the court’s immediate consideration and to preserve as part of the official record.
DJ&H purchases index numbers, files documents and affidavits, retrieves and copies documents, so-ordered subpoenas and gets Order to Show Causes signed in all city, state & federal courts and County Clerks in the City of New York, as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties.  When going to court, the original and copy of the document being filed is needed.  In all actions in the State of New York, the index number must first be purchased and then served.  In all courts, there is a 120-day period from the date index number was purchased within which document must be served.