Brooklyn Judge Denies Service of Process by Facebook

Service by Facebook

As we are constantly trying to determine what will be the parameters in using service of process via social media accounts, a new case in Brooklyn held that a woman attempting to serve her husband via Facebook could not be granted as the husband was not an active user of the platform.  According to the […] Read more »

Federal Magistrate Judge Authorizes Service of Process via Twitter

service via Twitter

A Federal Magistrate Judge in San Francisco, Laurel Beeler has approved the use of Twitter for service of process.  The case involves an international citizen of Kuwait who is an active user of the social media platform.  According to the case, the alleged defendant is engaged in the financing of terrorist activities and used Twitter […] Read more »

Will Dog Bites be treated as an Assault on Process Servers in New York City?

As we have recently published in a previous article, a bill has been signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo which includes provisions incorporating new elements to second-degree assault provisions of state Penal Law, §120.05.  The statute has been amended to make it a crime of inflicting an injury on process servers “with intent to prevent or obstruct” […] Read more »

Will NYC Process Servers be Required to use Body Cameras?

process server body cameras

Recently there has been a push for having more accountability for law enforcement officials.  Many counties are suggesting body cameras be required for all police officers in order to monitor the behavior of both the civilian interactions as well as officer reactions.  Illinois is now pushing for this technology to be used by process servers […] Read more »

Will Service of Process in New York City via Facebook become the norm?

Service of process in New York City divorce actions are more stringent than in many other case.  In divorce proceedings, the plaintiff must make sure the defendant is notified of the divorce action. So, a divorce defendant must be “served” with the summons, which means the divorce paperwork needs to be handed directly to the […] Read more »

Assaulting a Process Server is now a Crime in New York City

After years of deliberation and talking about it, legislature has finally made into law for it to be a crime in New York City for a person inflicting injury on process servers to prevent them from doing their jobs a crime.  For New York City process servers, this has always been a challenge.  Many members of […] Read more »

When an NYC Process Server Can Prevent a Loss by Legal Technicality

Evidence of falsifying signatures already had Councilman Fernando Cabrera’s back to the wall. Unfortunately, a subpoena problem ruined that run. Will Bredderman of the New York Observer reports that allegations of petition fraud against Cabrera were dismissed by the Bronx Supreme Court because the plaintiff party failed to date and deliver the subpoena. The subpoena […] Read more »

A Reputable Process Server in NYC Helps You Move the Case Forward

Intellectual property is so important that many parties are willing to go to court in order to protect their rights regarding certain concepts and ideas. An April 23, 2014 article on the CNN website discusses the legal struggle of a famous director to protect his brainchild: Read more »

Skilled NYC Process Servers: Help Landlords Serve Eviction Notices

Every landlord has them— a tenant who always plays music too loudly, never gets along with neighbors, causes damage to the property, and never pays rent on time. While it might be tempting to evict them immediately, this article from CBS Chicago reminds property owners that due process must be observed first: Sandra Lee’s apartment […] Read more »

The Server is Down: Today’s Deal Regarding the NYC Process Server

Due to fairly recent changes in serving regulations and licensing requirements implemented by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (NYC DCA), a great number of NYC process server agencies are having a hard time adapting to the strict system. This has led to them paying considerably higher fines, and it has even gotten […] Read more »