When Is Service By Publication Allowed in New York City


There are many times that a legal action needs to be initiated and the Defendant is nowhere to be found.  They have left without no known address and there are not any people around that will assist you in finding them.  In an instance such as this, service by publication may be permitted by a […] Read more »

Recordkeeping an Important Goal for NYC Process Servers

logbook nyc process server

Process servers are fully aware that they must follow New York City’s statutes and Administrative Code regulations.  The rules mandate how to serve process in many different situations and how to include the nature of service in the mandated logbook.  The rules and regulations are enforced by New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs.  These […] Read more »

What Happens When An Individual is Evading a Process Server in New York City?

evading service

A lawsuit can not officially commence until the defendant is served with the legal papers in New York City.  Many individuals believe that they can avoid the lawsuit or even have it dismissed if they evade the process server altogether.  This is a common falsehood that defendants make.  The law provides that although personal service […] Read more »

What is ‘Sewer Service’ in the Process Service Industry and How Can It Be Prevented

“Sewer service” is a practice that has been used in the past by attorneys and process serving agencies in order to get default judgments on the party being served.  It was and sometimes  still used when let’s say a debt collector fails to serve a notice of complaint and then files a false affidavit claiming […] Read more »

Importance of an Affidavit of Non-Military Service in Legal Proceedings in New York and the Process Server’s Role

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act protects military personnel from having court judgments taken against them while they’re on active duty. You can provide the court with such proof by submitting an Affidavit of Non-Military Service.  This is especially important in Landlord & Tenant, Matrimonial and Foreclosure actions in New York City.  In many instances, the […] Read more »

Traverse Hearings and Why You Need a Licensed NYC Process Server

When serving papers in New York, there are always issues on whether the legal documents are served correctly on a particular.  If they are not served correctly, the person that should have been served can go into court and allege that service was improper.  The Court can decide that a traverse hearing be held in […] Read more »

Why You Should Choose a Licensed NYC Process Server

The constitution requires under “due process of law” that a person be notified of a legal proceeding before that proceeding can take away his “life, liberty, or property”.  To this end, state legislation requires that specific legal documents (i.e. subpoenas, summonses, three day notices, etc.) be “served” upon a person to guarantee an opportunity that […] Read more »

Why Hire a NYC Process Server? Statute of Limitations on Foreclosures

Foreclosure is a serious issue that is quite personal for borrowers whose homes are in danger of being taken away from them. However, banks, mortgage lenders, and secondary lien holders also have the right to protect their investments under the law. To be fair to both borrowers and lenders, therefore, the law has instituted governing […] Read more »

From Print to a Process Server in NYC: On Serving an Eviction Notice

As a paralegal, you are often tasked with preparing documents that facilitates court processes in behalf of your New York firm’s clients, and in housing courts, eviction is one of the most frequently served. Other than writing up the papers and printing the documents, you also look for a reputable process server in NYC for […] Read more »

From your Desk to a Process Server in NYC: The Subpoena Duces Tecum

In general, people have the right to keep sensitive records and documents from the public eye, but if you’re representing somebody in court and the opposing party refuses to grant you access to certain files, you also have the legal right to compel him through a subpoena, more specifically, a subpoena duces tecum. To do […] Read more »