Landlord & Tenant Eviction Services

Landlord & Tenant eviction services – DJ&H Process Service offers dependable and speedy eviction service solutions for New York City landlords, property managers and real estate investors.  We can handle any service that you request whether it be volume of services for the property managers or for the single family homeowner.

Documents that we serve:

We serve the following documents:

  • Ten Day Notice to Quit
  • 30 Day Notice Terminating Monthly Tenancy
  • 3 Day Notice to Tenant
  • Notice of Petition & Petition (Holdover/Nonpayment)

Our services include:

  • Non-Military Investigation- (if requested)
  • GPS coordinated service
  • Court Processing and Filing
  • All documents can be sent via fax or email

Landlord & Tenant Eviction Services for Attorneys

We are experienced with handling all types of services for attorneys.  With over twenty years of experience we have handled holdover, non-payment and squatter services many times for our attorneys.  We do provide filing services and the purchasing of index numbers for our attorneys as well.

Eviction Service For Attorneys includes:

  • Purchase Index Numbers;
  • Service of Process;
  • Certified & first class mailings on all cases; and
  • Court filings (petitions, affidavits of service & post cards)

Discounts are available for volume services.