Will Dog Bites be treated as an Assault on Process Servers in New York City?

As we have recently published in a previous article, a bill has been signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo which includes provisions incorporating new elements to second-degree assault provisions of state Penal Law, §120.05.  The statute has been amended to make it a crime of inflicting an injury on process servers “with intent to prevent or obstruct” […] Read more »

Will NYC Process Servers be Required to use Body Cameras?

process server body cameras

Recently there has been a push for having more accountability for law enforcement officials.  Many counties are suggesting body cameras be required for all police officers in order to monitor the behavior of both the civilian interactions as well as officer reactions.  Illinois is now pushing for this technology to be used by process servers […] Read more »

Assaulting a Process Server is now a Crime in New York City

After years of deliberation and talking about it, legislature has finally made into law for it to be a crime in New York City for a person inflicting injury on process servers to prevent them from doing their jobs a crime.  For New York City process servers, this has always been a challenge.  Many members of […] Read more »